How You Can Help?


What You Can Do To Support Childhood Cancer And The Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation


    • Pray! Pray for strength, courage, faith & peace. Prayer is powerful!


    • Share Henley’s story of courage and strength with everyone and anyone. Send them to our website.  Donate and encourage others to donate.



    • Help us make GOLD the new pink. Wear a gold ribbon and tell people what it represents (gold is the color for pediatric cancer awareness).


    • Host a bake sale, a penny drive, any fundraiser on behalf of the Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation.


    • Donate blood because children with cancer require frequent blood transfusions.


    • Donate candy, new toys, art and craft supplies, gift certificates, etc to local children hospitals.


    • During your next trip to the store pick up extra toiletries, groceries, cleaning supplies and kitchen basics and drop them off at your local Ronald McDonald House.


    • Ask your child’s school if they will host a Pajama Day, Superhero Day or Jeans Day fundraiser on behalf of the Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation.  Pre-schools and daycares, too.


    • Push yourself. Register to raise money while training for an athletic event. Whether it’s running a 5K or a Marathon – there are always fundraising opportunities.


    • Know the facts about childhood cancer and spread the word. Tell anyone and everyone.



    • Mow a lawn, give a meal, do some laundry, offer to take care of a sibling, reach out and make contact with someone in treatment. They are in pain and they may feel isolated.


    • Know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Tweet about it, post a status to Facebook…let the world know.  You don’t have to limit the conversation to September, either.


    • Share this list. Cancer doesn’t choose a specific child – it can happen to any kid at any time.


Remember: The only risk for getting childhood cancer is being a kid.