Savior’s Serenade

Savior’s Serenade





We have some exciting news!!!! Along with our great friends the Witta’s we are starting another chapter of an outreach ministry group. We are so  grateful to be working with Savior’s Serenade to start a children’s  chapter. Saviors serenade is a group that supports cancer patients by  singing worship songs and praying with them. It was a life changing  experience for our family when we had 100’s of people show up to support Henley and our family through song and prayer! Henley was one of the  first children they ever reached out to so we thought it would be a  great idea to start a branch devoted to children facing cancer. It is  now official!!! We will be working with Kimberly and Steve Witta (Henley and Coops former preschool teacher and her husband) to get the ministry going for kids. We are blessed to have Brad and Steve’s (the founders  of Savior Serenade) support. We are asking that you take a moment and  like the Facebook page for Saviors Serenade. This is the best way we can help spread the word and help reach out to some  amazing families whose children are battling this nasty disease. Here is the link:

Please contact us if you know of a child and their family that we could share our love, song and prayer with.

We would love to have anyone interested come and bless these families  with us. Don’t worry if you can’t sing well, as we are far from talented singers ourselves. It is all about showing up and spreading God’s love.

We are trying to double their already 784 likes! We so  appreciate all your support and are very excited to honor Henley by  reaching out to these kiddos and their families. Like the Facebook page  and you will be able to follow all that we are doing!

You can watch Henley’s serenade posted above:

Always BEElieving!!

Grant and Lynsey Romine

Please contact us if you know of a child battling cancer!

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