What We Support

What We Support:


Our Mission

Our mission is to more fully enrich the lives of children who are battling cancer. Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation is in the process of BEEcoming a national 501©3 non-profit.


Targeted Focus

At the Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation, we hope to provide children undergoing cancer treatment an experience they will cherish forever.


Building Awareness and Community

The Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation strives to build awareness within the community about childhood cancer. We seek to engage the community to donate services and resources to give children and their family’s unique experiences that will create everlasting memories.


About The Founders

Henley’s mom and dad, Grant and Lynsey Romine, are creating the Henley Romine Foundation to honor their BEEautiful daughter. Through her battle with stage IV cancer, Henley loved life and inspired others to do the same. Gracefully, Henley came to the end of her courageous 3-year fight with cancer on July 19, 2013 at the age of four and a half. Though devastated by her loss, the Romines remain more determined than ever to fight for children battling cancer.